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Sitou Matt - Street Artist  

"I had the opportunity to travel a lot which allowed me to come across different sources of inspiration, nourished by encounters, discoveries, different cultures."

sitou matt


After studying finance, Sitou quickly decided to change his life to give free rein to his imagination. Originally from Togo, a country in West Africa, where he grew up, Sitou started graffiti there in 2003 and then created the first graphic arts studio dedicated to screen printing and street wear.

After having traveled a lot in Africa, he fell in love with street art and then decided to devote himself entirely to his passion, urban culture. A pioneer in West Africa in making walls speak,  Sitou never stops painting, from festivals to exhibitions and workshops, and endeavors to share his art with through different participatory approaches. 


Indeed, Sitou is a committed artist, he has organized many events (festivals, exhibitions, etc.) to promote urban Afro culture and to make it a vector of communication around themes such as sustainable development, health or even cohesion. He also leads workshops with children, young people and other audiences to make art a common good accessible to all.


​ Following my first steps in the artistic field, in search of new horizons and new discoveries to feed my creations, I had the opportunity to travel a lot which allowed me to meet different sources of inspiration, nourished by encounters, discoveries, different cultures. My style has been nourished by this diversity and has asserted itself around the search for harmony, "living together" symbolized by the colors, shapes and lines of force that I mix, superimpose and intertwine for the contrast and bring them to life while drawing inspiration from my native culture, from this multiple and colorful Africa, its history, its codes and its symbols, its faces.. 


It is not by chance that I made the chameleon my totem animal and made it appear in many of my works as a symbol of adaptation in diversity. I also work around portraits, most often afro and feminine to sublimate their curves and features,  but also other animals or abstract when the lines decide to take their part freedom in my head and in my bombs..  


But, not stopping with spray paint, I work equally well with acrylic and marker and now wish to orient myself towards new techniques and new materials that are more respectful of the environment in my research work. The vector also counts a lot to get my messages across so I invest in other media ranging from canvases to skateboards or concrete blocks or even beehives. 


Depending on the location, I strive to exchange with passers-by, to feed on the impressions of the inhabitants or the users of the sites invested so that street art can allow us to forge links and allow everyone to express themselves, while as painting has allowed me to express myself and integrate myself into various contexts. 

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